Shawarmas & more

We are well known for the freshness of our meals & flavors of our nicely balanced & seasonsed food whether it be shawarma, falafel, kebab, fattoush, hummus or more!

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Award winning restaurant

Loyal customers is what we want to achieve. You guys have been always supportive & we owe you lots of love as you make our dream come true.

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Syrian Family Run & Operated

Our family with the help of our team are always there for you. Our philosophy is that you eat what we eat. So it has to be great or we won't eat it year round :) 

Yeah, dead serious!!!

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Our community, Our KW

Mention the golden word  "community building" and see our eye balls getting bigger & our involvement right then & there.

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Events & Catering

Big or small, we do it all. We did 1,400 shawarma wraps for one quick lunch last year, and looking forward to make 10,000 wraps in one shot one day. Who knows?Can other joints do that?

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Our Dream

We value & appreciate customers who trust and select to dine with us, where we will always do our best to leave them a memorable experience on each and every single visit. If they are happy, then we call it a day!

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What's Happening

Have you had this triple F before: fluffy, fresh, & flavorful Baqlawah. Yummy yummy!

We are still on the hunt for a prime location in GTA/Toronto. . Where shall our 3rd location...

RATE US: We wanted to thank you for all your support & love through out the years. We rea...

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